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We are in the process of purchasing equipment’s under TEQIP-III for various departments in our college, through Open Tender System. In this connection, we have proposed to procure the following equipment’s through open tender mode.

SI No Tender Ref No

Brief Description of the Equipment

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1 TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/35 10 KVA UPS
2 TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/36 MAC computers
3 TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/37 Educational Collaborative Device
4 TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/38 IOT LAB
5 TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/39 Pin on Disc Wear Testing Machine
6 TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/40 Central RO System
7  TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/41 3D Printing machine
8  TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/42 Gas Turbine Test Rig
9 TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/43 Pulse Plating Setup
10 TEQIP-III/2020/TN/gebt/49 Composite Chair and Table Modular
11 TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/50 LED Display Standee

Tender for the following equipments has been closed;

S.No Tender Ref. No. Brief Description of the Equipment’s
1 TEQIP-III/GCEB/INST/02 Video Conferencing system up to 8 multipoint site connection
2 TEQIP-III/GCEB/CSE/02 High end Workstation with GPU Card - 3 Nos.
3 TEQIP-III/GCEB/EEE/01 Double fed Induction Generator Setup
4 TEQIP-III/GCEB/EEE/02 Fuel Cell Trainer System
5 TEQIP-III/GCEB/EEE/03 AC and DC drives Lab Equipments for PG
6 TEQIP-III/GCEB/ECE/01 PCB design, Fabrication and Assembling unit with Altium and HFSS
7 TEQIP-III/GCEB/ECE/02 RF and Optical Signal Analyzer
8 TEQIP-III/GCEB/MECH/01 Multipurpose Welding Setup
9 TEQIP-III/GCEB/MECH/02 Pulse Electro Deposition Setup
10 TEQIP-III/GCEB/PHY/01 Multichannel Electrochemical Workstation
11 TEQIP-III/GCEB/INST/01 10KW On-Grid Solar Power Plant System - 5 Nos.
12 TEQIP-III/2019/TN/gebt/30

National Competitive Bidding - Cloud Computing Lab Equipment 

Pre Bid Meeting Minutes