Institutional Reforms


Performance Indicators

Targets Achievement

Academic Autonomy

2(f) application is forwarded to UGC.

UGC visit to college  is to be finalised

Applied for Autonomy to UGC during May 2013.


EEE,ECE and CSE are  Provisionally accredited for 2 years from July 2015

AFFILIATION Permanent Affiliation is granted by Anna University,chennai for EEE,ECE and CSE from 2014-2015


  • CIVIL - Fully Automatic Compression Testing Mc

  • CIVIL - Direct Sheer Apparatus

  • CIVIL SM Lab 1

  • CIVIL Strength of Materials Lab

  • CSE - 10 KVA UPS 1

  • CIVIL - PROFOMETER 5+ Rebar Deduction System

  • Mech - Gas Analyser

  • Mech - Smoke Meter, Consultancy Log

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