Mechanical Engineering


     The mechanical engineering department strives to be recognized for education and research leading to qualified engineers, who are innovative,enterpreneurial and successful in advanced fields of engineering and research.


     Prepare engineering students for successful careers.

  1. imparting quality education to the student and enhancing their skills to make them competitive mechanical engineers.
  2. maintaining vital, state of the art research facilities to provide its student and facility with oppurtunities to create, interpret, apply and disseminate knowledge.
  3. To develop linkages with R & D organisation and education incitation for excellence in teaching, the research and cansuddance the practice.


     The Department of Mechanical Engineering provides fully equipped laboratories to enable students to explore and gain practical knowledge. Skilled lab assistants assist the experienced and efficient faculty members to teach and train students in the laboratories. The following laboratories are conducted for the students. 

  •   Manufacturing Technology Lab 
  •   Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory 
  •   Electrical Engineering Laboratory 
  •   Strength of Materials Lab 
  •   Computer Aided Machine Drawing Laboratory 
  •   Thermal Engineering Laboratory
  •   Kinematics & Dynamics Laboratory 
  •   Simulation & Analysis Laboratory 
  •   Computer Aided Manufacturing Laboratory
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