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Assistant Professor
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
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Environmental Chemistry
3.10 years
Publication in Journals
Jahfar Ali P, Elumalai S, Sathya M, Muthuraman G, (2019) “Recovery and Reuse of Methylene blue from aqueous solution using Phenol as Carrier. Asian Journal of Chemistry Vol 31, 2, 378-384.
Elumalai S, Muthuraman, G, (2018) “Removal and Recovery of Methyl Violet Dye from Industrial Wastewater by Liquid–Liquid Extraction” Water Quality Management, 231-240, 2018.
Elumalai S, Muthuraman G, (2015) “Studies on Rhodamine B dye transport through supported liquid membrane from basic aqueous solutions using phenol as membrane phase”. RSC Advances vol 5, 78799-78806
Elumalai S, Muthuraman G, (2015) “Recovery of Methyl Orange and Congo Red from aqueous solutions using tri-octyl amine (TOA) in benzene as carrier”. Process Safety and Environmental Protection vol 96, 177-183.
Sathya M, Elumalai S, Muthuraman G, (2015) “Sensitive and selective method for Liquid-liquid extraction of cationic dye from aqueous solution” International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, vol 6, pp. 3196-3202
Elumalai S, Sathya M, Muthuraman G, (2015) “Recovery of dye from wastewater using Liquid-liquid extraction and Bulk liquid membrane techniques” International Journal of ChemTech Research, pp. 3089-3094
Sathya M, Elumalai S, Muthuraman G, (2015) “Removal of Acid Yellow 36 from aqueous solution by solvent extraction method using tri-octyl amine as a carrier” International Journal of ChemTech Research, pp. 3014-3019.
Elumalai S, Muthuraman G, Sathya M, Soniya M, Teng TT, (2014) “Recovery of dye from textile effluents using phenol as an extractant” Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry vol 20 pp 1958-1964.
Elumalai S, Muthuraman G, (2014) “Recovery of Reactive Dyes from Textile Effluents Using Aliquat 336 as Carrier” International Journal of Innovative Research in Science & Engineering, pp. 2347-3207
Elumalai S, Muthuraman G, (2013) “Comparative study of liquid-liquid extraction and bulk liquid membrane for Rhodamine B” Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology vol 3 pp 387-392.
Muthuraman G, Sathya M, Soniya M, Elumalai S (2013) “ Recovery of Levafix brilliant red E-4BA and Levafix brilliant red E-6BA from aqueous solution by supported liquid membrane” Membrane Water Treatment vol 4 pp277-282.
Paper Presented in Conferences
Elumalai S (2018) “Extraction of Methylene blue from aqueous solution using Phenol as Carrier”. National Conference on Recent Advanced Materials (NCRAM 2018) Feb 23 – 24. Thiruvalluvar University College of Arts and Science, Thennagur, Vandavasi, Tamil
Elumalai S, Muthuraman.G (2015) “Studies of Solvent extraction and supported liquid membrane with reactive dyes from aqueous solutions using aliquat 336 as carrier” National Conference on Innovations in Chemical Sciences & Technology (NCICST) - 21st Au
Elumalai S, Muthuraman, G, Sathya M, (2013) “Removal and recovery of anionic dyes from wastewater using tri-octyl amine act as a carrier” National conference on energy, environment and climate change Presidency college Chennai pp53.
Elumalai S, Muthuraman.G, (2013) “Kinetic study of Rhodamine B dye transport through bulk liquid membrane”. National Level Seminar on Innovative Trends in Chemistry, Gobi Arts & Science College, Erode.
Current Stream in Chemical Research (ICCSCR - 2019)
Elumalai S, Muthuraman.G (2016) ““Removal and Recovery of Methyl Violet Dye from Industrial Wastewater by Liquid–Liquid Extraction”. International Conference on Water Environment Energy and Society” March 15 - 18, AISECT University, Bhopal. India (Bes
Muthuraman G, Elumalai S, Teng TT (2015) “Removal and recovery of Cibacron Red FN-R from Aqueous solution by Supported Liquid Membrane technique”. 1st BRNS-AEACI Symposium on Current Trends in Analytical Chemistry (CTAC-2015) May 26-29, BARC, Mumbai-94
Elumalai S, Muthuraman.G (2015) “Recovery of Dye from Wastewater Using Liquid-liquid Extraction and Bulk Liquid Membrane Techniques” International Conference on Energy, Water and Environmental Science and Technology (ICEWEST-2015) Feb 5&6, Presidency C
Elumalai S, Muthuraman.G (2015) “Transport study of Rhodamine B dye from wastewater through supported liquid membrane impregnated with xylene in phenol” International Conference on Climate change and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (TiMS-20
Elumalai. S, Muthuraman.G (2014) “Transport of methyl orange dye from wastewater through bulk liquid membrane –kinetic study” International conferecnce on environment and energy (ICEE2014)- JNTU-Hyderabad pp161
Seminars/ workshops/ FDP/ STTP / Conferences/ Symposium
Attended one day district level YRC seminar on “Youth Excellence (commit and prosper)” organized by Youth Red Cross, Govt. Arts College for Men Krishnagiri on 22nd March 2019.
Workshop on “Applications of computers in Chemistry” organized by IIT Kolkata, on March 11-13, 2020.
Seminar on “Understanding Local Adaptation from the Lens of Climate Change: Tamil Nadu Perspective” organized by Centre for Climate Change & Adaptation Research, Anna University, Chennai 20th February, 2015.
Workshop on “Statistical Data Analysis using SPSS and AMOS” organized by Department of Statistics, Presidency College, Chennai, March 7-8, 2014.
Workshop on “Frontiers in Materials Science” organized by Royal Society of Chemistry-South India and Departments of Physics and Chemistry, RKM Vivekananda College (Autonomous), Chennai 11th February, 2011.
Workshop on “Scientific Writing and Prsentation” organized by Department of Chemistry, Women’s Christian College, Chennai 18th February, 2010.
International Workshop on “Frontier Areas in Chemical Technologies (FACTs-2014)” organized by Department of Industrial Chemistry, School of Chemical Sciences, Alagappa University, Karaikudi February 21-22, 2014.
Awards / Special Achievements: 

I Received Best faculty award 2018-2020 in Government College of Engineering, Bargur, Krishnagiri – 635104.



  1. Principles of Organic Synthesis – Jul-Oct 2019 – 92%
  2. Coordination Chemistry – July – Oct – 83%
  3. Advanced Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry – 84% (National level topper)


            Roll No                                  :           109496

            Year of passing                     :           June -2015

            All India Rank (AIR)           :           78th in JRF-NET

            Marks & Percentage                        :           107.5/200 & 53.75 %



            Roll No                                  :           110263

            Year of passing                     :           Dec -2014

            All India Rank (AIR)           :           9th in Lecturership

            Marks & Percentage                        :           108/200 & 54.0 %


                Roll No                                  :           01010803

            Year of passing                     :           OCT -2012

            Conducted by                       :           Bharathiyar University




            Roll No                                  :           CY7020253

            Year of passing                     :           Jan -2012

            All India Rank (AIR)           :           1537

            Marks                                     :           28/100

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