There are two separate hostels for boys and girls offering a residential accommodation for 800 students. The hostel is outfitted with unique rooms with all amenities attached with it. Also well-equipped sports facilities afford a woken mind for amusement, with gymnasium gifting students a physique life. Each hostel provides a peaceful environment for students to carry out their academic and co-curricular activities.

Hostel Fees to be paid at the time of Accommodation after Government Orders.

Admission Fees


Mess Deposit (Refundable)


Personal Computer


Table fan


Iron Box


Application form


Establishment Fees


Security Charges


Amenities Fees


Block Maintenance & Development Charges


Water Charges


Room rent


Electricity Charges




Boarding Rules

            The Hostel month will be from the 26th of the processing month to the 25th of the current month (both days inclusive) . The mess will be put up on the notice board by the first of the succeeding month . All hostel bills should be paid at Indian Bank ,Bargur,before the 10th month positively either by Cash or DD drawn in Indian Bank in favour of Principal and Warden payable at Bargur.

For the late payment , a fine of Rs.15/- per day will be collected up to the end of the month and a flat file Rs.250/-(Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty Only ) will be collected . From the first of next month ,the defaulted boarders  will be expelled from the mess. He/She is not  permitted to dine in the mess till he/she clears the dues with fine .Readmission fee Rs.200/- (Rupees Two Hundreds Only ) will be collected in addition to the mess bill; and fine . Third time defaulters will be permanently expelled from the hostel.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Rooms once allotted for the academic year are not inter changeable without the permission of Deputy Warden /Residential Tutor.
  2. Students should not tamper with any of the electrical and other permanent fittings in the rooms. Any loss or damage to them shall be recovered from the occupants concerned.
  3. As far as loss or damage of electrical and other permanent fittings common to all the students of a block is concerned ,such cost will be recovered on collective basis.
  4. Students should not arrange any functions or meetings within the college campus,without specific prior permission of the warden.
  5. Any student who is removed from the college will automatically cease to be the member of the hostel.
  6. Accommodation in the hostel will not be given to students who are not active boarders in the hostel.
  7. Students should not stay away from the hostel on any day without the prior permission of the concerned Deputy warden /Associate Warden/Warden.
  8. All students should sign the register kept at the gate when they go out and return.
  9. No person or student other than the boarder should be found in the hostel .If such contingency arises ,permission should be obtained from the Deputy-warden concerned .If any unauthorized person found in the hostel,action will be taken against the boarder also in whose room the person is found and he/she will be expelled from the hostel.
  10. Abnormal activities of any nature causing disturbance to neighbours  should not be carried on in the rooms.
  11. Students should not paste any posters /pictures etc on the walls ,doors ,windows and shelves .
  12. When students go out with their room during nights for fairly long intervals,they should switch off the light and fan.
  13. Students are advised not to keep large amount of cash or costly items like Mobile phones ,Cameras , Electronic gadgets ,Gold Chains ,Rings the rooms 
  14. Married students are not eligible for  hostel accommodation.
  15. Students should not  keep mopeds ,motor cycles ,scooters and cars in the hostel premises.
  16. Boys should settle in their rooms at 9.00 p.mfor studies on working days , and at 10.30 p.m  on holidays . No student will be allowed to enter the college and hostel prmises after 10.00 p.m .
  17. Absolute silence must be observed after 9.00 p.m as it is proclaimed study &silence hour .
  18. Playing cards or any other form of gambling in the hostel is strictly prohibited .
  19. Use of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden in the hostel.
  20. The caution deposit will be returned when the student leaves the college .
  21. Students who want to leave the hostel, in the middle of the year after reopening ,should pay in full the establishment charges and security charges for the entire semester.In the case of the scholarship addition to the above , he/she should repay the scholarship amount in the college office .
  22. In a semester hosteller can avail only four days of leave on working days . This may be availed together or in piece meals. If the hosteller avails more than the prescribed leave , he/she will be expelled from the hostel .This is mandatory.
  23. If a student fails to report to the hostel on the reopening day,after both vacations , a fine be of Rs.1000/- will be imposed on the first day and Rs.200/- per day for the next five days . Beyond that he/she ceases to be a member of the hostel . This is mandatory.

Timings for the mess


   Break-fast    -   7.45 a.m    to   9.00 a.m .

    Lunch           -   12.45 p.mto  1.45 p.m.

    Dinner         -    7.30  p.m    to  8.30 p.m


   Break-fast    -   8.00 a.m    to   9.15 a.m .

    Lunch           -   12.45 p.mto  2.15 p.m.

    Dinner         -    7.30  p.m    to  8.30 p.m

Visiting Hours

4-45 p.m to 6.15 p.m (week days &Holidays )

Hostel Incharge


 Dr. R.Vijayan, Principal

Associate Warden 

 Dr.R.Bakkiaraj, AP/Physics


Hostel Superintendent 

 Prof.S.Parameswaran, AP/Chemistry

 Deputy Warden – Boys Hostel

Prof.M.Arulkumar, AP/ECE (Boys Hostel Block 1) 

Prof.V.Arivumani,AP/EEE (Boys Hostel Block 2) 

Prof.A.Jesu Steeophan Samy, AP/English (Boys Hostel Block 3) 

 Deputy Warden – Girls Hostel

Dr.G.Saraswathy, Professor/Chemistry (Girls Hostel Block 1 & 2) 

Dr.M.Kavitha, AP/ECE (Girls Hostel Block 3)  


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