Electronics and Communication Engineering Faculty

Picture Name Current Designation Phone Number E-mail Profile Website
m.kavitha's picture Dr.M.Kavitha Associate Professor drmkavithapanneer@gmail.com View Profile
m.arulkumar's picture Dr.M.Arulkumar Assistant Professor [ Sr. Gr ] 8940814134 arul03@gmail.com View Profile


r.ranjith's picture R.Ranjith Assistant Professor 9524279524 r.ranjith@gcebargur.ac.in View Profile
t.mohandoss's picture T.Mohandoss Assistant Professor 9994811902 t.mohandoss@gcebargur.ac.in View Profile
v.rajeshkannan's picture V.Rajeshkannan Assistant Professor +919677741063 kannan.813@gmail.com View Profile
charles's picture Dr.A.Charles Assistant Professor 8015926112 charles@gcebargur.ac.in View Profile
r.manikumar's picture R.Manikumar Assistant Professor 9629519867 manikumar.au@gmail.com View Profile
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