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Journal  Publications

1.M. Mageswari, V.Ramamurthy and Sundarammal Kesavan, Three dimensional  dusty  flow  and  heat transfer through a porous medium bounded by a porous vertical surface with variable permeability and heat source, International Journal of Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Technology, 1(2), 2008.

2.M.Mageswari, V.Ramamurthy and Sundarammal Kesavan, Laminar free  convection  flow  of  an  electrically  conducting  dusty  fluid from a vertical plate with uniform heat flux and variable wall temperature in  the presence  of  a magnetic field, International Journal of Nano System Technology , Electrical Engineering and Electronics System, 1(1), 2008.

3.M.Mageswari, V.Ramamurthy and Sundarammal Kesavan, MHD mixed convection stagnation point flow of dusty fluid with mass transfer, International journal of Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Applications, 2( 2), 2009.

4.M.Mageswari, V.Ramamurthy and Sundarammal Kesavan, Unsteady free convective  MHD  dusty  flow  through  porous medium bounded  by an infinite  vertical  porous plate, Coimbatore Institute of Information Technology, International Journal, 3(10), 2011.

5.M. Mageswari, Free Convection  Effect on the Flow of A Dusty Viscous Fluid Past A Hot Vertical Porous Plate with Periodic Temperature, Global Journal of Pure and applied mathematics, 11(6), 2015.

6.T.Govindan and A.Muthusamy, Nonexistence  of  a  pair  of  arc-joint directed  Hamilton  cycles  on  line  digraphs  of  2-diregular digraphs, Dicrete Math. Algorithm. Appl., 7(3), 2015.

7.T. Govindan and A. Muthusamy, Perfect set of Euler tours of Kp,p,p , Discuss. Math. Graph Theory, 36(4) 2016.

Conference Publications 

1.M.Mageswari, V.Ramamurty and Sundarammal Kesavan, Heat transfer  effect  on  a  dusty  flow  past  an  impulsively  started vertical  plate, International Conference on Mathematical and Computational models, conducted at PSG Tech Coimbatore, Narosa Publications, 86-91, Dec 2009.

2.T.Govindan and  A.Muthusamy, Hamilton  cycle  decomposition  of tensor  product  of  graphs, International Conference on Recent Trends in Graph Theory and Combinatorics(ICRTGC-2010), Organised during 12th - 15th , August 2010 at Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, Kerala.

3.M.Mageswari, Pulsatile  flow  of  a dusty  fluid  between  permeable beds  in  the  presence  magnetic  field,  International Conference on Mathematics Education and Mathematics in Engineering and Technology, conducted at Mohandas college of Engineering and Technology, Nedumangad, Trivandrum, December 17-20 ,2013.

4.T.Govindan and  A.Muthusamy, On  4-regular  digraphs  and  the conjecture  of  Bermond , National Conference on Recent Advances in Graph Theory(NCRAGT-2014), Organised during 06th  &  07th  March 2014 by Department of Mathematics, Periyar University, Salem, Tamilnadu.

5.T.Govindan and  A.Muthusamy, Decomposition  of  complete equipartite  graphs  into  paths  of  length  three and  triangles, 31st Annual Conference of Ramanujan Mathematical Society, Organised during 18th - 20th , June 2016 at National College, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu.

6.T.Govindan and  A.Muthusamy, Decomposition  of  complete equipartite graphs  into  triangles  and  claws, International Conference on Discrete Mathematics(ICDM-2018), Organised during 04th – 07th , January 2018 by Department of Mathematics, Periyar University, Salem, Tamilnadu.

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