Electronics and Communication Engineering Faculty

Picture Name Current Designation Contact Phone Number E-mail
Dr.M.Chandrasekar Principal principal@gcebargur.ac.in
M.Elangovan Assistant Professor 9791202709 elangovan_mani@yahoo.co.in
M.Kavitha Assistant Professor 9944802869 kavithaengr@gmail.com
K.Manogaran Assistant Professor 9842298698 raghulmanogaran2010@gmail.com
P.E. Irin Dorathy Assistant Professor 9443134069 callirin@gmail.com
M.Arul Kumar Assitant Professor 8940814134 arul03@gmail.com
G.Suchitra Assistant Professor 9952404623 susisiv@yahoo.co.in
T.Paramasivan Guest Lecturer paramasivanece@gmail.com
D.Sujeetha Guest Lecturer 9943679080 sujeethadm@gmail.com
J. Paul Edwin Andrews Lab Assistant 9842906598 paul@gmail.com
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