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Soap dispenser with body scrub :   Dr.G.Saraswathy

Application no: 201641024529

Journal NO: 33/2016

Publication date: 12-08-2016

Journal / Conference Publication:


“Bio hydrogen production from biomass for fuel cell” – National conference on latest trends in Mechanical Engineering at Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology, Pollachi. (2005)


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“Metal bioavailability and bioaccumulation in selected vegetables and food crops” – 46th Annual convention of Chemists 2009 and International conference on recent research trends in chemical sciences at VIT, Vellore. (2009)


P. Thirumal and G. Saraswathy, “Ventilation impacts on thermo sensation and indoor Air quality, 2010, An International Journal of Environmental Science: The Ecoscan, 4(1) 15-17.

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