Department of Chemistry - About the Department

The Chemistry Department sits at an intellectual and physical nexus of the basic sciences and engineering. This Further provides the confidence to innovate and research into areas unexplored so as to equip the learner into Industry and market requirement. The mission and goal is to educate and develop talented individuals who will be prepared to go out and change the world.

The department has grown in size and facilities to suit the changing trends. With the support of TEQIP fund and state fund, the chemistry laboratory is well equipped with modern analytical equipments and instruments.

  • Gas Liquid Chromatography with Mass spectrometer (GLC-MS).
  • Atomic Absorption spectroscopy (AAS)
  • (Elements analyzed: Cu, Pb, Cd, Mg, Ca, Ni, Cr, Zn)
  • Flame Photometer (Na and K)
  • UV-Visible spectrophotometer
  • Water analyzer kit (Parameters: TDS, Salinity, DO, pH, Conductivity, turbidity, etc.)
  • With the above facilities the department develops IRG to the institution via consultancy and testing services.
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